Training your hiring managers to recruit is more than a workshop…

Managers of today often have a tough job and a full plate. They’re responsible for their department planning, organising, leading, and controlling. They’re also responsible for hiring. But managers themselves are often hired and promoted for their technical expertise, not their ability to hire others.

For that reason organisations are investing time and money into training hiring managers so they have the knowledge and tools they need to hire effectively. Invariably it’s about reconfirming best practice, compliance and process.  None of this is complex but for those managers who recruit on an ad hoc basis, we must not assume they are following some basic rules….

  • Reviewing the job description. In many cases the job specification is not updated or reflects the true role. The best job specification come about when both hiring managers and HR deliver an accurate, compliant and engaging job specification. This then generates essential competencies required for the role.
  • Mangers must understand their role in the hiring process. Often managers are asked to interview without understanding the entire recruiting process – branding, sourcing, candidate experience, selection, screening, etc.
  • Employment law is a minefield and keeping abreast of new legislation is full time job. My views is keep it simple and continue to educate managers.
  • Evaluating a candidate can take place in many different forms so the manager needs to be offered support when analysing data and recording answers to understand the candidates true suitability.
  • Hiring an employee isn’t cheap and a bad hire has an impact on everyone in the business.

Source – HR Bar Tender

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