Do you employ a global workforce? 46% of HR Directors say sourcing the right talent is the key challenge they face…

Despite the uncertainty of Brexit and how it will impact, the world’s biggest companies still view a flexible and globally-mobile workforce as key when it comes to building a successful business.

Research reveals that 98 per cent of employers see a globally mobile workforce as important to achieving their objectives.

The research was conducted among 250 multi-national firms headquartered in eight different countries and 372 expatriate workers across 11 markets and it revealed that while employers see international working as key, staff don’t necessarily want to move permanently to another country.

The rewards for working internationally do, however, appear to make commuting or relocating worth the effort. Over 50 per cent of staff working on international assignments said they took global placements to gain higher pay and benefits with 47 per cent saying they took roles to gain accelerated career development and improve their skills.

However, companies are having to work hard to get the right talent with 46 per cent of HR directors saying finding the right people is the key challenge they face.

Tom Wilkinson, CEO of AXA’s global healthcare team stated:

“Having an international workforce is critical for businesses that want to capitalise on the huge opportunities available in our global economy. While we read much about economic and political uncertainty in some countries, the reality is that businesses that take a global outlook are able to flex their operations to take advantage of growth markets wherever they may be. While the Internet and improved communications technology has made it easier for businesses to work globally, the key differentiator remains the talent of the people that organisations employ.”

Source – HR Review

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