Maintaining motivation till Christmas…

With Christmas rapidly approaching, momentum starts to slow down around the office with people’s focus and motivation understandably in decline. Keeping employees motivated is a challenging task at this time of year but it if you can continue to motivate your team in the last week of the year, it can have a marked impact on your company’s performance!

Sometimes so simple strategies can make the difference

Enhance people’s autonomy

Is this not a good time to allow employees the freedom to choose the way in which they work and empower them to make decisions?  As you assign the final projects this year try to not get too involved. Leave the decisions to those completing the task and it’s likely that you will see a more motivated workforce.

Ensure people feel valued

Do people feel like their work is valued? Is this the time to have a coffee with an individual and simply say “thank you”.  Develop some short-term end-of-year goals and show your employees how their work contributes to these goals.

Stretch people

When the demands of people’s job match their ability or stretch them slightly, then they will be more motivated.  This could be a good time to delegate additional responsibility to appreciate how individuals cope and embrace the opportunity.

Who knows this could be the week to find your shining star!

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