HorrexCole: A peek behind the curtains…

At HorrexCole, we know that people care about who they buy from as much as what they are buying. We also know that being transparent about whom you are matters more than ever.

People today can move markets and build or destroy reputation. With the ubiquity of the Internet and round-the-clock news and information, people can easily praise or punish brands and the companies behind them.

People are the heart and soul of any organisation, which is why HorrexCole came to be. We focus our energy and passion towards creating an exceptional team of expert Search Consultants who not only exceed the wants and needs of our clients with their ability to get the right people for their businesses, they are also driven by the core values of our business.

Human to human connections are the lifeblood of business and that is what motivates us every day. Every day we are dealing with people, showing them the new ways we take to solve problems, alleviate pain points and deliver results.

The recruitment industry has seen its fair share of change in recent years, which has placed pressure on many organisations to be responsive and adapt. There is the continual demand to find innovative ways to recruit and retain the leaders of tomorrow in a time where there is an increasing skills gap and the competition for the best talent is high. That is what drives us to go beyond what it takes in our searches and the underlying ethos beneath our company identity … “Beyond Search”.

It is our business to understand your business. The whole team at HorrexCole has a wealth and depth of expertise across all sectors. We help clients accurately and efficiently identify the most accomplished Senior Professionals they need to accelerate business growth and build competitive advantage.

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