Are your employees Happy, Healthy and Hardworking?

This generation are more aware than ever of their working environment and how it can have an impact on their well being. This can be from what we are eating, to how we set up our workstation or how we are taking our lunch break. The workplace is somewhere we spend 8 hours a day or more! And now with society, use of mobile phones and portable laptops we find it difficult to switch off and find a balance!

Stress, mental health and unhealthy eating are now today’s leading cause of sickness and days off and it is estimated over 90% of illness can be stress related. Most of us spend over 60% of our waking hours in an office working environment, and so much of our work Is done sitting down. So how are you encouraging your employees to ensure you are promoting a healthy working environment that can help with stress levels, a clear and focused mind and a happy workplace?  Here are a few ideas that could help your office environment.

Healthy eating – Working with local food companies providing a fruit bowl, healthy snacks and nutritious lunch menu’s. Providing a fridge and somewhere to heat up their lunches, encouraging employees to make lunches of there own choice. Provide fresh drinking water, fruit juices ..move the fizzy drinks machine out!

Exercise – Encourage employees to take their lunch break with a walk outside, lunchtime yoga or even a group boot camp once a week, this ensures employees are taking time away from their desk and leaving work to one side for an hour of there day.

Mindfulness – Create a peaceful chill out relaxation quiet area where employees can take 10 minutes out of there time to relax and refocus their minds and unwind before during there busy day.

Just by making these small and simple changes you can make a positive impact on not only how your employees feel but also increase productivity and impact on your ROI! Think about when you next step into your office, what can you change, how well do you know your employees?

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