Engaging with students and graduates can be fun but ….

We know that engaging with young people through gifs, hashtags and Boomerangs via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram is undoubtedly successful, it’s not always retainable. Competing to secure the interest of young jobseekers when other businesses are doing the same and it is made more difficult when there is a new trend almost daily.

What we do know is school leavers, students and graduates are always keen to learn. An obvious answer but true! For that reason, ensure your social media strategy is a balance of delivering useful content, whilst keeping your brand in clear sight.

Promoting personal branding

A typical example is sharing the “elevator pitch” concept. A great way to teach students and graduates self-awareness. This pitch is a short summary of an individual’s personal brand, encompassing their unique selling point, past experience, and why a particular role appeals to them.

Sharing knowledge like this with potential talent is engaging with them in a way that is less explicit in its marketing aims.

FACT – We know that Visual content is more than 40 times more likely to get shared on social media than other types of content. (Source: HubSpot)

Another consideration is to encourage a diverse range of employees within your business to openly talk about the challenges of their careers. This promotes reality, as well as the benefits, of a working day that can be communicated to a wider audience via social media. Young people will value this way of sharing because it is refreshingly honest.

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