The importance of saying “thank you”

People feel truly engaged when they are part of a culture that values and inspires its employees. The key to employee engagement is to create the kind of culture that makes the work day better, that provides support to people’s everyday lives, and that gives a little bit more.

Over 90% of employees feel employee recognition is important at work according to the National Employee Research survey and 72% of UK-wide employees stating that they would work harder if they were appreciated, employers need to embrace available recognition and reward technologies which are proven to ensure employees feel valued.

The importance of saying thank you, just like our parents told us. When your people succeed, say thanks. Recognise their achievements because when people feel appreciated by their employer, it makes all the difference to the way they work.

Recognition should be built into the very fabric of your organisation. Appreciating a job well-done drives positive behaviours – after all, no one likes to feel unappreciated at work, and creating a culture where achievement and success are central is essential for becoming an employer people really want to work for. A positive culture impacts everything, making the everyday experience of work that little bit better. Because that’s what you should be giving your employees: an experience. One that’s memorable, that connects people to your company values, and inspires them to perform at their best.

How to Recognise Success in Your Organisation?

Fostering a great culture that connects everyone to the values, goals, and behaviours of your business is the big one.

But it’s not just about the flashy stuff or just money – Money is only a motivator until it reaches the point where people feel they are getting a fair reward for the job. Once that need has been met, other factors come into play – attention from the leadership team and praise from a line manager being among the top two motivators cited by employees, remember that a simple “thank you” for a job well done can be one of the most effective ways of recognising people, because it creates a company culture that cares, and that people will want to see succeed.

When you consider the costs of putting a recognition strategy in place, they are minimal in comparison to the benefits you and your employees will gain in the long term.

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