Psychometric Power – 3 Key Advantages to Utilising Psychometrics within your Recruitment Process

Many of us have been in an interview process that has required a psychometric test, and we have sat there looking at the options, some instantly fall in line with our personality, some not, and others we spend a little more time thinking how on earth do choose between these choices. But for HR and Talent leaders these are vital tools which allow an insight into a candidate’s personality strengths and development areas.

However, this is not just limited to the interview process, as often these tools are revisited during onboarding to really set the tone for future success of that individual and grasp how an employee’s areas of strength can benefit the development of other team members.

As a growing number of businesses now utilise psychometrics, you may still be unclear about the advantages of psychometric profiling, and whether the benefits outweigh the costs.

So here are 3 Key Advantages for you to consider:

  1. Save Time and Money

There are huge cost implications to getting talent acquisition wrong. It has reported a bad hire costs a business 40% of that person’s annual salary, made time time again then the costs soon add up. By adding psychometric assessments to the recruitment process, companies can reduce the money and time spent on unsuitable candidates.

  1. Cultural Fit

Psychometric assessments offer a solution to safeguarding that the individual is suited to the business culture, adding another element to the interview process to ensure the candidate is a right fit for the business, and vice-versa. It is a chance for the business to objectively see an individual’s personality and drivers, to engage whether they truly are aligned in terms of best fit culturally for the business.

  1. Increased Retention and Engagement

Put simply, by ensuring that an individual is suitable to the business by using psychometric tests, there is a strong correlation in the increase of employee engagement, and in turn the creation higher levels of employee retention as the company is built with right individuals within the team.


Is testing candidates before they apply the future of recruitment?

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