A recruiter’s reflection on World Religion Day

Today we celebrate the world’s religious diversity. We actively acknowledge different beliefs and faiths and strive to learn more about them. We are mindful of how religion forms an intersection of someone’s identity and is part of making them who they are.

However, whilst it is known that the majority of people in the world hold a religious belief, it is still reported that a vast number of people are still uncomfortable in bringing their “full selves” into the workplace, through fear of discrimination.

One-way companies can combat this is through actively creating a more inclusive working culture, and these are three ideas to consider:

1.      Acknowledge different Religious and Cultural Holidays

A great way to build greater mindfulness of religious diversity and create better inclusivity is to be aware of a variety of religious and cultural holidays. Use your company’s web page or social media platforms to help employees to keep track of upcoming multicultural religious and holiday celebrations. Likewise, always be respectful when scheduling meetings and appreciate that employees may celebrate different holidays than you, which may require you to be flexible with your time to be supportive of their cultural and religious identity.

2.      Be aware of unconscious bias

Building internal awareness is a step towards change, it is, therefore, important to educate personnel on how others are impacted by unconscious bias and the effects it can have in the workplace.

3.      Promote Mindfulness

It sounds simple, but we should all treat people in a way they wish to be treated rather than the way you wish to be treated. Common social activities and practices that are comfortable for you may not be comfortable for everyone. Whilst you may not understand another person’s religion, it is important to respect their beliefs and promote this respect internally.

After all, Diversity exists everywhere — not just in the office.

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