Can apprentices benefit your business?

Undoubtedly, an apprenticeship is a viable and beneficial option for school leavers to progress quickly in working life – but what are the benefits for employers?

Apprenticeships are a key part of creating a stronger and fairer economy, where people of all ages and backgrounds can fulfil their potential. They help employers address skills shortages, upskill existing workers and attract new, diverse talent.

Apprenticeships are an increasingly attractive option for employers of all sizes wanting to bring new talent into their teams.

An apprentice can be a solution for your business if you want to:

  • Develop new talent to meet your needs
  • Free up existing staff to take on more responsibility
  • Give your team new skills and energy
  • Give a young person a career opportunity

Investing in apprentices is a cost-effective way of growing talent, with government funding available to employers.

Thousands of employers already benefit from flexible and high-quality apprenticeship training to help their organisation grow.

86 per cent of employers say that apprenticeships have helped them develop skills relevant to their organisation.

Alongside this, apprenticeships boost career opportunities for people across the country – they are a great way for people to progress in work and life, whatever their age, gender or educational background.

96% of employers with apprentices have experienced at least one benefit from taking on apprentices, and most can count at least 8 benefits.

Employers can benefit from The Apprenticeship Levy which can be used to fund apprenticeship training.

Benefit from Apprenticeship funding

According to a study by the Department for Business Innovation and Skills, the cost of Apprenticeship training pays for itself within a couple of years after completion, largely through increased productivity. More than that, Apprentices recognise and appreciate your commitment to their career and progression, contributing to a positive working environment.

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