Is your business ready to “Go Hybrid”?

The job market is becoming ever more complex. Today the increase in ‘Hybrid’, multi-tasking positions is set to put new pressures on businesses and their talent pools.

With employers always looking for new and innovative ways to gain competitive advantage and do more business, the past few years has seen a shift away from conventional roles and the introduction of some brand new positions. In fact, since 2011 there has been a 135% increase in ‘Hybrid’  jobs(1), with a recent report(2) illustrating that more than a quarter of a million hybrid positions opened between 2014 and 2015.

Jobs are developing rapidly at the intersection of some industries such as healthcare and technology; health, wellness and business and security and technology. Set against a backdrop of ever increasing communication channels and digital developments, this has led to the emergence of new high-paying, Senior roles.

New job roles are becoming increasingly hybrid and are growing at a far greater rate than the national average(3). They combine skills from multiple disciplines. In turn, this results in a high demand for people with unique talents and skill sets. Some examples include Nuclear Medicine Technologist, Digital Risk Officer, Medical Equipment Repair Director, Head of Cyber Security, Industrial Organisational Psychologist.

For some, finding the right people with the right skills for these new roles can be time consuming and expensive. With it taking on average 52 days to fill an open position(4) and an ever-increasing shortage of candidates(5), building a talent pipeline is now more crucial than ever.

We know that people with the capacity for both broad and deep expertise is crucial for long-term growth and profitability. We also know that they come with a price tag and intrinsically know their value. People who can work in and lead complex teams are in high demand, which is why, when seeking such people businesses should consider new ways of finding them.





4) accessed 12 April 2016


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