Personality assessment and big data have evolved into the leading HR tool

A growing number of top companies are using professional personality assessment and “big data” as a tool for the development of individuals and to steer the HR strategy.

At the beginning of the 2000’s new platforms were born every month and big data was starting to gain attention. Many of the solutions have been inadequate, and that was not supporting trust towards implementation of technologies in HR. However, in the last decade, data-analytics has gained ground with innovative platforms.

There is evidence to suggest a well-structured interview with the benefit of a personality test evidently beats a basic interview three times over. For that reason personality assessment, big data and talent analytics are decidedly the future of HR and every business, as incredibly powerful predictive and descriptive tools for personnel decisions.

Why? It’s simple, decisions are made on facts and not impressions and for that reason we have found DISC profiling a highly effective tool.

DISC is a psychometric personality profiling tool that will allow you to understand a person in minutes rather than months.   It will give you clarity around how they are likely to perform in real life scenarios as well as helping you to discover if their personality type is the right fit for the organisation.  Something that can be difficult to gauge from a CV and an interview.

HorrexCole and eSift work in partnership with Trisha Barker Coaching and Consultancy for all their psychometric needs.  Trisha has used psychometrics for over 20 years whilst leading HR teams in some of the largest FTSE 100 companies in the UK and she believes that all businesses should embed DISC as part of their standard recruitment process. For further information, contact Trisha at or 07969313585 for further details.

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