Instructor-Led Training is a NO for Millennials?

Although we have all seen huge changes in the workplace, some organisations are still relying heavily on instructor-led training, which seems to be counter-intuitive for the modern learner, and this, in turn, can dilute the importance of the Managers role in the learning process.

How do organisations approach this differently?

  • Offer more flexible and accessible learning opportunities – Today’s learners require a more agile solution that can be accessed easily and can be completed at a pace that suits the employee.
  • Provide the solution at the point of need – Employees will be far more open and susceptible to learning when it’s highly relevant to their current situation.
  • Ensure transfer-ability into the workplace – Instead of theory learning that includes a strong practical application helps to embed skills and provides lots of social evidence about its value.
  • Measure commercial results – When employees can explain the results of what they have learned in hard, commercial terms they are more likely to receive recognition from others and repeat the behaviours that have been successful.
  • Change the nature of the manager-employee relationship – Managers can help employees learn by empowering them, giving them ownership, including them in action planning, problem-solving and other activities that help the employee to learn and grow.

Organisations that offer revolutionary modes of learning, will be better equipped to satisfy the needs of a multi-generational workforce; what is just as important.

We know that millennial’s view career development as more than just money and title. It’s not just about being promoted but taking on new projects or learning new skills.

A Gallup Report on “What Millennial’s Want from Work and Life,” 87% of Millennial’s said professional development was important to their job. This is the same for Generation Z, according to a recent survey by LaSalle Network, they also rate “opportunities to grow” as their number one priority.

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