Are LinkedIn’s new tools useful for business leaders?

A new LinkedIn update now allows business professionals to upload PDFs and slide presentations onto the website. Now you can view your documents without leaving LinkedIn, does this mean no more faff or just another complex tool no one can get their heads around?

This new feature is available for computer viewing – although there is already discussion of rolling it out onto the mobile app.

LinkedIn users are free to upload their work onto a personal feed, group, or page in an attempt to create a more business-streamlined website that can cater to the needs of professionals.

The accessibility of the new tool is fairly straight-forward, with an icon appearing on your home page by the attachment icons for photos or videos. The update also lets you add a description that appears when you hover over the document. As well as this, the normal commentary and hashtags can be attached.

Itamar Orgad, Senior Product Manager at LinkedIn, said the update is to allow users to see “richer and more engaging visual content flowing across your LinkedIn experience.”

There is a full-screen viewing option for presentation purposes, on which one can find a download button for PDFs and presentations. No longer do attachments need to be manually posted or screenshot and formatted as photos, creating a slicker process for business interactions and sharing.

Have you used this tool? How did you find it? Let us know!


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