Technology within Executive Search

For many in Executive Search, it may feel like the sector hasn’t changed much at all for years, but whilst the traditional aspects of sourcing top-level talent remain the same, the way in which Executive Search is performed in 2019 is massively changing.

It seems that each month, Executive Search firms are finding new and innovative ways of matching candidates to ideal positions and whilst technology has obviously played a major part in that development, areas such as coaching, board advisory, and succession planning help massively.

The disruption of the digital economy and the prevalence of advancing tech platforms has led to the creation of new and innovative leadership roles within various key sectors. However, as new and agile talent becomes the target of the executive search function, more recruiters are depending on their technology and historical data when fitting candidates with such intricate skillsets.

Many firms are bundling offerings as part of their recruitment process to ensure that they discover the best talent possible for senior leadership roles – with the aim of helping the client enhance its talent selection and aid in candidate development post-role acceptance.

Joe Chappell, Managing Director of Global Marketing and Communications at Association of Executive Search and Leadership Consultants recently told Forbes: “Technology has impacted every aspect of search especially in finding top talent and assessment. Current assessment techniques are more sophisticated with a suite of technology-based tools combined with in-depth interviewing, role-playing, case studies and situational responses evaluated by seasoned experts.”

He continues: “Clients are now looking to search firms as strategic advisors who provide counsel on a broader basis, including assessing leadership teams, advising boards on their effectiveness, succession planning, and culture shaping. The profession, just as the industries it serves, now requires much more agility. In a fast-paced, ever-shifting business climate accelerated by technology, we have to be at the forefront to best serve our clients with expert advice and insights.”

So, is technology the way forward? Should all executive search firms be adapting the new digital age?

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