How much should AI contribute to the recruitment process?

We all know that developments in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and automation in a recruitment process can deliver benefits and disruption! A survey by Deloitte last year found that 33% of businesses are already using AI at some point in the recruitment process, and this number is set to increase in 2018 and beyond.

Three quarters of those surveyed (72%) said AI should be used during the recruitment process, more than two-thirds (68%) said it wouldn’t be fair if AI alone chose who should be interviewed without the input of a human recruiter. 76% said they trust AI less than a person to guide the job search process.

There is a view that increasing use of AI programmes used to conduct interviews over video has raised controversy that candidates can be interviewed and rejected without ever speaking to a real human. It is right that innovation is changing the face of the recruitment, but the balance should be that recruiters should be focusing on the human aspects of the role.

We know that automation tools are supporting talent acquisition professionals when managing volume campaigns, scanning CV’s and responding to candidates to streamline processes and reduce the time to hire. The question is where should AI stop, and humans take over?

Source  – Executive Grapevine

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